Freitag, 9. April 2010

The Muslim Jewish Conference

"For most of the Jewish and Muslim youth, opinions are based upon stereotypes and prejudices dispersed both by the media and the societies surrounding them. There is a considerable lack of motivation in recognizing and understanding the wishes, fears, problems, and hopes of their communities.

MJC - the Muslim Jewish Conference aims to go beyond the borders of our dogmas and to establish an institutionalized, student-driven, multi-cultural and multi-religious dialogue contributing to a peacefully globalized world. The main agenda of the conference is not a political, nor is it a debate upon the validity of our religions, rather it is an interdisciplinary exchange based on mutual respect and tolerance where differences are acknowledged and moved beyond.

Topics of the Conference 2010

The conference will be split into 3 thematic committees, the participants may attend:

1. Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism
2. Education
3. The Role of Media

The initiative offers a platform for discussion and networking about and between Jewish and Muslim communities, and tries to identify future needs, challenges and opportunities to find shared positions and recommendations for the challenges that lie ahead of us. As such, the MJC is a dialogue and leadership project that targets the leaders of tomorrow from economic, academic and political sectors.

The participants represent a new generation of thinkers, doers and allies, who are connected by their faith in the possibility of a new era of cooperation. This conference will be our first step towards forging a link between possibility and reality and actively shape our future.

The MJC is not only supported by the United Nations Alliance of Civilization but also by the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and various NGOs and individuals that share ideas of intercultural dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

We invite you to find more information regarding conference details, 2010 topics and registration requirements on our homepage:"

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