Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Definitions of Terms Commonly Used in Academia

"In my experience = One.
In case after cases = Two.
In a series of cases = Three.
It is believed that = I think.
It is generally believed that = A couple of others think so, too.
Correct within an order of magnitude = Wrong.
According to statistical analysis = Rumor has it.
It has been long known = I didn't look up the original reference.
A trend is evident = These data are practically meaningless.
Three of the samples were chosen for study = The other results didn't make any sense.
Typical results are shown = This is the prettiest graph."

Irgendwo im Internet gefunden und für witzig befunden (Autor unbekannt). Ist natürlich Quatsch, auch wenn ein Funke Wahrheit drinsteckt. Meint Lieselotte, die jetzt schon seit einem Weilchen aus dem Unidschungel raus ist - und sich ab Herbst i. wieder ins Getümmel werfen möchte.

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