Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

Fasting is no fun

Or: Lieschen's first day (30 min) of fasting
(At home, during Ramadan)

Lieschen: "Mummy! Muuuuummy! I'm hungry!"

Lieselotte: "Erm ... why don't you go and grab some chocolate from the fridge? I'll buy you a bretzel when we're outside."

Lieschen: "Ok!" (runs towards fridge)


Lieschen: "Mummy, would you also like some chocolate?"

Lieselotte: "Aw, thanks, Lieschen, I'm fine."

Lieschen: "No, have some, Mummy!"

Lieselotte: "I'm fasting, baby, leave one in the fridge for me, I'll have it later."

Lieschen: "Why are you fasting, Mummy?"

Lieselotte: "It's Ramadan, baby"

Lieschen: "Oh. I want to fast, too, Mummy!"

Lieselotte: "No, baby, you're a child, children don't fast!"

Lieschen: "But I want to fast, too! I want to be like you, Mummy!"

Lieselotte: "You can fast later, when you're older"

Lieschen: "No, I want to fast, too!"

Lieselotte: "Hmmm... ok, you know what you can do, Lieschen?, you can children-fast"

Lieschen: "Children-fast?!"

Lieselotte: "Ja, you stop eating and drinking now - until iftar, in an hour. Ok?"

Lieschen: "Yes!! - (excitedly) I am faaaaasting!!"


(On the way to the park)

Lieselotte: "Lieschen, would you like your bretzel now?"

Lieschen: "Yes, please - erm, I MEAN NO!! - I am fasting, Mummy!!"


(In the park)

Lieschen: "Mummy, can I have something to drink?"

Lieselotte: "Sure ... but weren't you fasting?" :)


Lieselotte: "No..."

Lieschen: "Oh. Fasting is no fun"


And five minutes later, the fast was broken, when Lieschen's cousin arrived with a bag full of cookies...  :)

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