Montag, 1. Juli 2013

It could have been any of us

A 31 year old mother stabbed to death in front of her three year old son.
A child who dies in his mother's womb before he is born.
A husband shot by security guards arriving at the scene who thought he, the Arab, was the attacker.
A court room which becomes the site of a heinous crime (when did they wash away the pool of blood?).
A media landscape which, in the aftermath of the killing, keeps on reporting about a "tragic incident" without mentioning the anti-Islamic, xenophobic elements of the attack (because Islamophobia doesn't exit).
A chancellor who ignores the murder for a week, then offers her condolences to the President of Egypt, and the family of the murdered, without addressing the Muslims of Germany, too (because clearly, we were not concerned at all). 

7 October 1977 - 1 July 2009

We will never forget

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