Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Religion, Counterextremism, Diplomacy

"Back from the Brink: Combating Violent Extremism"

Tuesday, June 25; 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Union Theological Seminary - James Chapel
3041 Broadway
 New York City, USA

What modern issue affects the global family of humanity more than the rise of violent extremism and the roots and outlets of its ideologies? After the Boston Marathon bombing we find ourselves asking again, "what can we do to prevent it?" You are invited to a free screening of a documentary and panel discussion that delves deeply into the efforts and experiences of three dissimilar communities around the world who are working to combat violent extremism.

The panel will include Dr. Douglas Johnston, President of ICRD, and Azi Hussein, who will discuss our de-radicalization work with imams in the madrasas of Pakistan.

About the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy:

Since its inception in 1999, ICRD has been using commonly-shared religious values to bridge differences between adversaries. Among its accomplishments, it (1) helped end the 21-year civil war in Sudan, (2) eased religious tensions between the Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist regions of Kashmir, (3) opened back-channel communications to promote improved relations with Iran, (4) played an instrumental role in securing the release of 21 Korean missionaries held hostage by the Afghan Taliban in 2007, and (5) over the past 7 years, has engaged more than 2,700 Pakistani madrasa leaders in reforming the curriculums and pedagogy of their religious schools to develop critical thinking skills among the students and to inspire greater adherence to the principles of religious tolerance and human rights. The Center is also working with Syrian opposition leaders (at their request) to help them resolve their differences through a process of faith-based reconciliation.

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