Samstag, 17. November 2012

Saturday night

45 confirmed dead in Gaza, 3 dead in Israel. 
Many injured, more traumatised. 
Drones, rockets, blasts, fire, ashes, rubble, smoke, bombs, cries, blood, tears, fear, another dead child, when will this madness end?! 
Messages to B. in Gaza, is she alright?, messages to M. in Tel Aviv, will she be fine? 
Another night, another night. 
What would I do if it was my child? 
Pictures of a three-year old, it's the same smile.
Friends who think it's great that this time an Israeli civilian lost his life,
who celebrate that a plane, shot, fell from the sky,
maybe I'm not right, but I keep on thinking of the young man who sat inside this plane.
A soldier, yes, but also someone's child.
Friends who have made up their mind,
it's the Palestinians' fault if they're being bombed,
they should never have wanted more than what they were granted, just keep quiet.
Keep quiet, keep quiet.
When will this madness end?!

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Anisah hat gesagt…

Ja. Das fragt man sich, und hat doch wenig was man tun kann.