Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Die Freundin aus Gaza

"Lots of airstrikes are hitting the neighbourhood, as it is the case or even worse all over Gaza from the north to the south from the east to the west. How long and much one tries to set herself for expecting anything, any explosion or any loss (for anything is possible in such time), I get petrified whenever I hear blasts nearby, who don't? And I ask myself if I will I ever forget in my entire life our anguish when I see, more than once aday, the funerals of our shuhadda (Martyrs), our mothers wailing and our children looking shocked with all meaningful emptiness in their eyes?

Since the first blast, making my closet fell down, I heard early this morning, I can hardly get on my feet. Honestly I can't walk and I even feel my arms are paralysed. The blast was very close and, as it happens, I have been always wondering how our houses don't fall after such violent shakings back and forth with each one of these bombings! Another thing that wonders me at the moment is why they bomb the same place more than once. Minutes ago, the Israeli jet bombed the same place it bombed in the morning, in the afternoon and now in the evening!

I can still see the thick black clouds of smoke, smell the suffocated burned dynamite and gunpowder and hear the restless drones while my mother is praying and reading Quran! We promise that the blood of the children of Gaza will not go in vain!"

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